Join the Military Learners Now Compact.

If your accredited MSI or HBCU is holding a Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding but you have not yet been ready or able to use this tool to your advantage, consider joining the Military Learners Now Compact.

For MSIs or HBCUs with a DoD MOU who do not have the readiness, Military Learners Now has a turnkey solution to gain new students without the expense normally required to build capacity and market the program. Schools simply join the Military Learners Now Compact and Military Learners Now:

  • Manages the enrollment process, registration, and admissions.
  • Coordinates the centralized online course programs.
  • Coordinates marketing and public relations to drive enrollment.
  • Provides a dedicated military team to guide each student through military education benefits and financial aid options.
  • Helps each student maximize transfer credit for eligible service and training and take advantage of military tuition rates and grants.
  • Works with each MSI/HBCU to coordinate financial aid.

Put your DoD MOU to work and increase enrollment.

Contact Military Learners Now to get started.