We help service members finish college at participating minority serving institutions or HBCUs.

Minorities are underserved, and fewer than 10% of minority enlisted personnel have a bachelor’s degree. Many young African Americans and Latinos enter the military when they are unable to attend college after high school due to lack of family support, financial and other factors. Our Compact of minority serving institutions (MSIs) and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have Voluntary Education Program Memoranda of Understanding (VEP MOU) on file with the Department of Defense that enable active and reserve duty members and their dependents to earn college degrees or certifications paid for under the DoD VEP MOU tuition assistance (TA) program.

What are the benefits?

Military Learners Now and its Compact schools offer:

  • Flexible interdisciplinary personalized degree programs tailored to your personal or career pathway
  • Stackable, micro-credentials can be used to build your degree, giving you choices
  • Earn degrees for jobs in high demand (i.e., communications, IT, logistics, network engineering) – certifications coming soon
  • Competency-based degree program allows you to get college credit for military training, prior learning/experience (up to 75% of degree)
  • Adaptive learning style meets the student where he/she is
  • Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the online classroom gives you an advantage
  • Choose the accredited MSI or HBCU Compact member school you would like to attend
  • Ability to pause the degree program when required by your duties
  • Affordable with little to no book costs
  • DoD pays your tuition directly to the institution up to 100% (max. $750 per 3-credit course)
  • Our advisors can assist you with applying for financial aid, should that be needed
  • Better provide for your family
  • Help advancement opportunities in the military
  • Gain a degree that strengthens skills or employability after you leave the military
  • This Voluntary Education Program is above and beyond the GI Bill, giving additional resources.

See our viewbook for more information by clicking here.